The SGPCA is a non-profit, non-mandatory civic association formed to ensure that the residents of St. George Place have an active and strong voice in the issues and decisions that affect our neighborhood. SGPCA is not a Homeowner’s Association, and does not impose rules or fees on residents.

This website is just one of the ways the SGPCA strives to ensure that all our current neighbors and potential new home owners stay informed and involved on the many issues (and fun activities) the neighborhood is involved in each year.

The SGPCA also oversees and manages the community’s Security and Landscape Maintenance contracts and activities. Likewise, the SGPCA stays actively involved in issues and solutions that continue to ensure that St. George Place is an attractive, safe, friendly, and resident-focused neighborhood.

The SPGCA holds regular quarterly meetings open to all homeowners and landowners and renters.

… again, there are no membership dues as we are all automatic members of the Civic Association! Of course, we gladly accept donations of any amount sent to our mailing address. And remember that your volunteer time is priceless and even better than money. So please find a way to get involved.